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Responsive Website Design

Here at Website Pit Crew, we build our websites using pre-designed templates as a starting point. Our design templates are built from our experience in both design and marketing, and are regularly updated to maintain a modern look.

website homepage

Trendy Homes

A modern layout with some unique and artistic touches.

website homepage

Canyon Creek Homes

An elegant and modern layout, ideal for showing off photos.

website homepage

Children's Pediatrics

A friendly and clean design that can present large photos and information.

website homepage

Top Quality Health

This design can present a lot of information in a simple and elegant layout.

website homepage

Design 22

Bold colors make your business stand out with this design

Website homepage

Design 37

A simple and clean design to show off your business

website homepage

Design 64

A simple design with contact information displayed across the top

website homepage

Design 51

Show off your business with this photo-centric design

The Paradise Design


Expansive white-space and sweeping images create a pristine and open user experience that places the focus on your photos.

Emerald Creek

Homepage features an immersive, unframed photo, and uses navigation and card fade effects for fluid site exploration. Incorporates your brand color prominently.

The Lakeview Design


Wide images and crisp edges create an upper-scale atmosphere for visitors to tour. Can also feature your brand color.


A series of content cards slide across a background of your choice. Features a call button in the header for quick contact. Can subtly feature your brand color.

Sunset Design


The immaculate white spread is accented with the color of your choice. Features phone number prominently in the navigation bar.

Oak Lane Design

Oak Lane

Features a simple, centered navigation for understated elegance. The immersive opening image and smooth animations enhance user experience.

The Longhorn Design

Longhorn Ranch

The off-white base communicates a rustic, country atmosphere. The contact strip presents clickable contact info. Works great with two brand colors.

The Eastborne Design


Proudly displays your logo from a centered banner. Laid out as a grid, this lightly accented design draws the eye from place to place.